AI Algorithms:
The Key to Media Change
ZDF Sparks is an agile team of data experts passionately dedicated to developing AI solutions and algorithms tailored for the media industry. We are proud of our diversity and enjoy working in fast-paced, cross-functional and multicultural teams. Do you want to be a pioneer alongside us as we shape the future together? Then apply here:
Personalized, fulfilling and joyful media experiences for diverse audiences
We craft transparent and explainable AI solutions, enhancing media interactions for all and enabling media professionals to shape the media landscape with technology innovations.
What do we do?
The focus of ZDF Sparks is on consulting, design and implementation of AI services, particularly in the areas of algorithms, machine learning and data platforms for the planning, communication, distribution and personalization of data and audiovisual content.
How do we work?
At the forefront of innovation, our team harnesses cutting-edge ideas and technologies to drive excellence. With our strong emphasis on flexibility and cooperative approach, we work hand in hand with our clients and partners to put the latest technologies to the best use. Through in-depth knowledge and collaborative teamwork, we craft innovative solutions that optimize the future of media while also ensuring social balance and transparency.  
ZDF Sparks GmbH
Office: Hausvogteiplatz 3-4, 10117 Berlin